Jess & Tutu Get Married! Yay!

The two finally had their ceremony in front of their family & friends and it was so great to see it happen! Here is a peek from their first look at the STUNNING Fall River Village in Estes Park! I'll be adding more photos from their wedding as they are edited! I can rush the process :)

Beautiful wedding at Fall River Village in Estes Park Colorado.
First look with LGBTQ+ Couple
Bride excited to see the bride
First look couple
Couple kissing on mountain top
couple excited to see eachother
black and white photo of same sex couple
Lesbian couple on wedding day
Lesbian couple on mountain top for wedding photos
Black and white photo of couple kissing on mountain
Estes Park wedding day
LGBTQ+ couple on wedding day
Couple kissing in estes park
Couple cuddling in estes park
Couple on wedding day in the mountains