Boudoir Investment & FAQ

Empower yourself with a boudoir session! They are not just for your partner, they are for you too! I want you to feel beautiful in your skin, just the way you are!

I currently offer 3 different collections! Each collection includes Pro Hair & Makeup! My Hypoallergenic Angel Wings and the classic white sheet set are available for no extra fee. I provide music, snacks and a tiny bottle of champagne to drink. Let's have some fun!

Collection 1

45 Minutes Session
1 Outfit & Classic White Sheet
Pro Hair & Makeup Artist
$500 print credit


Collection 2

1 hour of time
3 Outfits
Pro Hair & Makeup Artist
$700 print credit


Collection 3

2 hours of time
5 Outfits
Pro Hair & Makeup Artist
$900 Print Credit


Professional Hair and Makeup is included with each session!

Pamper yourself with professional hair and makeup! My Hair and Makeup artists are the best in Denver!

Posing Guidance-

I got you!

I will show you the best poses for you! Each body is different and I love that! We will focus on your unique beauty! I will direct you from head to toe and your face too! I will even demonstrate each pose to show you how amazing you will look!

Client Closet Coming Soon :)

I am super excited to get to offer my beautiful babes access to my client closet! I am currently getting all kinds of wonderful and sexy goodies that my clients will be able to access!


Payment Plans are now available!

I offer payment plans so you can now afford the session and products of your wildest dreams!

You only live once so make the best of it! View all the products I offer here to use your print credit on!


Boudoir Session FAQ / Do's & Dont's!

Do I need Professional Hair & Makeup?

Each Collection I offer includes Professional Hair and Makeup it will not only elevate your photos but make you feel like a goddess!

Come with a clean face and day old unwashed hair!

Hair and makeup takes about an hour!

*Hair and Makeup services cannot be removed from the collection if you opt not to have it done.

What should I wear and bring with me?

You should arrive in baggy clothes to your session. Wearing tight fitting outfits will leave marks on your skin and don't forget to wear deodorant too!

Bring outfit options that make you feel like a badass! Jewel tones work best for all skin types and don't forget accessories and shoes! A good pair of heels can instantly elevate your look. I can even help you pick outfits before your session starts! Bring it all and we can choose together! I suggest you bring all your items in a large bag that way you have a safe place to put them after you've been photographed in them. Things get left quite often when you just bring your items on hangers so a tote bag is best. Please try on everything you plan on bringing to your session. If you have purchased new things for your session it is best to try them on at home to ensure they fit properly. If you don't feel sexy in it why bring it to your session?

Please cut ALL tags off your lingerie and jewelry prior to coming in. Having tags on the items sometimes is not the easiest to edit out and can be distracting in your photos.

If you have props you'd like to include please let me know beforehand! Honestly, some things do not photograph well and can look "off" in your photos! I want to showcase YOU not your props!

Please arrive on time :)

Arriving late to your session will deduct that much time from the actual photo shoot. My hair and makeup artist and I reserved a special spot just for you boo!

Can I bring a friend?

You can certainly bring a friend with you to your session! I suggest she even book her own session! The guest of the client will be asked to chill in the lounge area and not to distract from the session.

*Ladies only are allowed in my studio at this time :)

Should I Spray Tan?

No, Please don't get mad but in the long run you will thank me! There is one exception to this rule, You must have it professionally done and have had it done before so you know your skin won't turn orange!

Should I Shave or wax?

Yes! Please do prior to your appointment. You know your skin best, so do it it 1 to 2 days before your session to avoid red bumps in your photos! If you have NEVER waxed before go to a professional or just stick to shaving!

You need to be over the age of 21

You will need to provide your photo ID for me to confirm your age in order for me to photograph you in the genre of boudoir photography and provide you with your mini bottle of Champagne!

Where can I get cute affordable outfits?

Amazon has great super affordable options. I can send you the link to my Amazon Wish List so you can see different options! Some I have even photographed in the past and work great without breaking the bank!

Bring your Favorite lotion!

Ok now, this one might be an odd request but bring your favorite lotion! You might need it during your session, dry, ashy-looking skin is not sexy! I do not provide lotions due to skin sensitivity and I would hate to offer you something that disagrees with your skin.

Do you offer drinks or snacks?

I certainly do! I offer your snack of choice and 1 mini bottle of Champagne during your session! Water and other snacks are also available for you to munch on as well! Eat Breakfast! This is a mini-workout, believe it or not! Eating food prior to your session will not only ensure you are feeling great but actually looking great! Low blood sugar is not a good look!

Drinking alcohol beforehand is discouraged. Please do not come "tipsy" to your session because you are nervous! Everyone is nervous when they do a boudoir session for their first time, its totally normal!

Covid-19 Policy

-I currently only photograph fully vaccinated individuals and follow the CDC guidelines for masks.
-Please wash your hands upon arrival. I have a bathroom you may use.
-The studio is sanitized before and after your session to ensure a safe environment.
-Please monitor your health and any signs of illness before your session. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or may have been exposed to Covid-19, please contact me immediately to reschedule your session.
-Please note I am more than happy to reschedule due to Covid-19 or any other illness. Each session includes 1 transferable reschedule :)

How do you sanitize?

I only do 1 Boudoir Session per day and sanitize with Clorox bleach wipes and antibacterial spray after each session. All fabrics are washed in hot water in my personal washing machine with tide free and gentle pods and lysol laundry sanitizer. All hard surfaces are wiped accordingly and all couches are sprayed with Febreze sanitizing refresher.

What Products do you offer?

I offer a wide range of products to showcase your amazing boudoir photos! Albums to glass print boxes! I have samples you can see at my studio!

How do I Book a Session?

To book your session I will have you sign a session agreement form and there is a 50% deposit due. The balance is due 1 week before your session. Payment Plans are available!

I will also send you a Google Doc Client Questionnaire to fill out so I can get to know a little about you before your session!

After Session Ordering

After your AMAZING session we will go through your images on my laptop and I will show you the best of the best right then and there!

We will pick out YOUR favorite images and you will use your print credit during this time on any of the products I offer! I have samples for you to look through :)

Please set aside about 1 hour to go over everything with me.

What is a print credit?

A Print Credit is essentially a prepaid gift card to my studio! Each collection I offer has a print credit you can use towards all the products I offer. Mix and match any of my items to use your print credit up!

What if I go over my Print Credit or don't use it all?

If you go over your print credit the balance is due within 1 week from your ordering appointment. If you do not use all your credit, then you don't. It cannot be applied toward future purchases or sessions and I do not give you the difference back but don't worry, I''l help you spend it, LOL :)

Have any MORE questions?

Feel free give me a call and we can chat further! OR you can message me on my contact page and I'll answer any questions you have! I am an open book!