Boudoir Sessions $1500

My boudoir sessions are for all my female identifying clients who want to celebrate themselves and have the most empowering photographic experience!

Trust me when I say you'll feel like a baddie after your session!

Each Session Includes:

1 hour of time

3 Outfits

Professional Hair and Makeup

All images in a password protected private online gallery

8x8 Black Leatherette Album w/ USB of 20 Chosen Images


What should I bring?

You should bring the following for a successful session:
- Your 3 outfits, maybe an extra just incase.
-Heels, in either black or nude.
-Lotion of choice
-A couple of jewelry options, definitely your engagement or wedding set!
-A bag to put everything in, don't just bring stuff on hangers.
-A Valid ID, I only photograph clients who are 21 and older.

What time & day do you suggest?

I photograph all my boudoir clients during the week. My weekends are reserved for my wedding clients. I photograph my clients in the mornings so they the rest of the day to be amazing!

What is your availability for my session?

Please contact me for my availability! Each session is based off Studio availability and when my make up artist is free too!

Should I eat prior?

YES!!!! Please eat breakfast even if you're nervous! Low blood sugar can ruin your session! A great breakfast will give you the strength you will need for all the posing you will be doing!

Should I fake tan prior?

I am so sorry to say but NO, do not fake tan prior to your session! I want you to look like you! Unless you have been doing it consistently for years and know you won't be orange for you session just skip it!

Should I Shave or Wax?

Do what you would normally do but at least 2 days before your session so you don't have any redness. Don't forget to exfoliate!

Can I bring a drink to calm my nerves?

I highly suggest you do not drink before your session even to "calm" your nerves! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the studio. Please don't not worry, I got you boo!!!

Do you offer other products?

Yes! The 8x8 classic album included in the package is my most popular album! I do offer a number of other items I can show you after your session!

Can I buy just digitals?

Yes! You can purchase a Digital Image Package that I offer!

When will I get my photos back?

After your session I go through and place all your proof images in a password protected private online gallery for you to view. Once you have made your selection of your fave 20 or more they will be edited in my classic boudoir style! Turnaround time is about 2 weeks!