Style Guide

Rock your engagement session!

Here are some examples of great looking outfits for your engagement session!

The key is to coordinate with each other, not match! Different backgrounds look better with certain colors and styles of outfits!

Having your engagement session should be super fun, not stressful!

Here are some ideas:

The Casual Couple: If you are a more casual couple then I would suggest dark denim with a simple top and a classic canvas style shoe. For a casual lady, I would suggest a simple knee-length dress with a neutral sandal for spring and summer or dark denim with a cute sweater & boots for fall or winter!

The Dressy Couple: If you are a more dressy couple then go all out with a nice suit and a cocktail dress! Want to go to the mountains? Let's do jeans with a nice button-down with a vest and you can wear a similar style! Don't forget the cute boots!

The Urban Couple: Want Urban? Let's wear cute ripped denim with a fun top and converse and your partner can wear jeans with a plaid rolled sleeved top, with matching converse! High tops or low tops it's your choice! There are so many styles ad options to choose from!

Here are some things to consider when choosing your outfits:

-Make sure your outfit matches the season you are in! Don't dress in a spring style dress for a winter session, you will look out of place!

-Jewel Tones look great on a variety of skin tones; Navy, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Black, Mustard Yellow, Aubergine, colors like that :)

-Solid colors work BEST!

-Simple patterns work well but it has to be the right pattern. Small Plaids or floral prints will do great! Polka dots are a Hell to the NO!

-Shoes with reflectors on them are a BIG NO NO! Instead, wear a solid color shoe or boot depending not eh season!

-Layers are a great way to add visual interest and hide any unwanted areas of the body.

-Choose colors from your wedding or your favorite colors!

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, I AM ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY! Have more questions or just don't know what to do? I got you! I am more than happy to help you pick the best options to suit your style and your vision! Also, check out the couples below or my blog for more inspiration!

Couple posing on rock formation to show outfits
Couple in front of mural in Fort Collins Colorado
Couple kissing downtown denver
Couple kissing on rooftop
LGBTQ couple walking in field holding hands
Couple posing in mountains
Couple in Old Town Arvada for engagement session
Couple holding out engagement ring for photo
Couple walking in desert
Couple cuddling on red rocks
Couple during sunset with light shining from behind them
LGBTQ Couple walking in forest field
Coulee kissing by creekside engagement session
Couple cuddling in front of aspen trees in Estes Park, Co
Winter engagement Session in Estes Park