Sapphire Point Overlook Micro Wedding

Chad & Abby

This wedding at Sapphire Point Overlook was simply adorable. Abby and Chad wanted to keep things very low-key with a micro wedding in the mountains with all of their family. They rented this beautiful cabin for all of their guests to stay in. The cabin was simply charming with a beautiful river running alongside of it. After getting ready all of us loaded up in the cars and drove to Sapphire Point Overlook which was a five minute drive away from the cabin for ceremony time. I personally love Sapphire Point because the views are not only stunning, but there is no major hiking involved and when you're wearing a wedding dress, that is a plus. We took the majority of photos at the overlook because the couple was obsessed with the views. After their beautiful micro wedding and family photos, we loaded back up in the cars and headed back to the cabin they rented for a super chill reception. The couple just wanted to chill with all of their guests so they had a pizza bar as well as champagne and beer. The couple had a first dance out on the patio and just mingled and hung out with everyone afterwards. Abby and Chad definitely had a great wedding, how could you not with pizza beer and chilling with your friends and family.

brides wedding dress hanging n cabin doorway
denim jacket with wifey embroidered on it
bride getting makeup done
brides earrings and necklace laid on table
brides accessories laid out on table
bride getting dress put on
bride getting earrings put in for her
baseball cap with groom letter accent
groom cheers with beer cans
groom with groomsmen drinking beers
groom posing for photos
grooms mother fixing his tie
chipmunk on rock drinking water
groom and mother walking down asile
bridal party walking down asile