Empower yourself with a boudoir session! They are not just for your partner, they are for you too! I want you to feel beautiful in your skin, just the way you are! That is why I even offer these sessions to my clients!

Boudoir Session FAQ

Should I get Professional Hair & Makeup?

YES! It will not only add to the experience but it will elevate your own beauty! It is super fun to go all out for boudoir session so getting your hair and makeup done should be a must have! It is only $200 when you add it on to your boudoir session!

What should I bring?

Bring outfit options that make you feel like a badass! Jewel tones work best for all skin types and don't forget accessories and shoes! I can even help you pick outfits before your session starts! Bring it all we can choose together!

Can I bring a friend?

You can certainly bring a friend with you to your session! Ladies Only! I suggest she even book her own session!

Should I Spray Tan?

NOOOOO!!!!!! Please don't get mad but in the long run you will thank me!

Should I Shave or wax?

Yes! Please do prior to your appointment. You know your skin best so do it it 1 to 2 days before your session to avoid red bumps in your photos! If you have NEVER waxed before go to a professional or just stick to shaving!

I have a MORE questions?

Great, give me a call and we can chat further! These are only a few of the most asked questions! Call me or fill out the form below and I'll answer any questions you have!

Boudoir Pricing & Packages

Diva Session

3 Hours of Studio Time
Professional Hair & Makeup
5 outfits
8x8 Little Black Book of 35-40 Images
​Digital copies of Book Images


Beautiful Session

2 hours of Studio Time
​3 Outfits
6x6 Little Black Book of Images
​Digital copies of Book Images


Pretty Session

1 Hour of studio time
1 outfit
White Sheet
10 Edited Digital Images


Book my Boudoir Session

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