Boudoir Sessions

Empower yourself with a boudoir session! They are not just for your partner, they are for you too! I want you to feel beautiful in your skin, just the way you are! That is why I even offer these sessions to my clients! Custom-made packages and payment plans are available!

The session fee is $400

Fill out the form below to reserve your spot!

Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
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Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
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Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer
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Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photography
Denver Colorado Boudoir Photos

Professional Hair and Makeup is available

Pamper yourself with professional hair and makeup! My Hair and Makeup artists are the best in Denver! $150 to add it on to your session!

Posing Guidance, I got you!

I will show you the best poses for you! Each body is different and I love that! We will focus on your unique beauty! I will direct you from head to toe! I will even demonstrate each pose to show you how amazing you will look!

Client Closet Coming Soon :)

I am super excited to get to offer my beautiful babes access to my client closet! I am currently getting all kinds of wonderful and sexy goodies that my clients will be able to access! Angel Wings are coming ladies!

Payment Plans are now available!

I offer payment plans so you can now afford the session and products of your wildest dreams! You only live once so make the best of it!

"I’ve done many boudoir shoots, and Ivy by far made me feel the most comfortable I ever have. She has an amazing warm and bubbly personality that instantly put me at ease before our session even began. I HIGHLY recommend booking with her; especially if it’s your first ever boudoir shoot. Her studio is also STUNNING!!! Tons of natural light, and multiple adorable areas within for lots of variety! A bonus is she will also help you style your lingerie or pick out what will flatter your body!"

—Calee W

Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer Affordable
Affordable Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer near me
Denver Boudoir Photographer
Denver Boudoir Photographer
Denver Boudoir Photographer
Denver Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Session FAQ

Professional Hair & Makeup?

YES! It will not only add to the experience but it will elevate your own beauty! It is super fun to go all out for a boudoir session so getting your hair and makeup done should be a must-have! It is only $150 when you add it on to your boudoir session!

What should I bring?

Bring outfit options that make you feel like a badass! Jewel tones work best for all skin types and don't forget accessories and shoes! I can even help you pick outfits before your session starts! Bring it all we can choose together!

Can I bring a friend?

You can certainly bring a friend with you to your session! Ladies Only! I suggest she even book her own session! Ladies only are allowed in my studio :)

Should I Spray Tan?

NOOOOO!!!!!! Please don't get mad but in the long run you will thank me!

Should I Shave or wax?

Yes! Please do prior to your appointment. You know your skin best so do it it 1 to 2 days before your session to avoid red bumps in your photos! If you have NEVER waxed before go to a professional or just stick to shaving!

What Products do you offer?

I offer a wide range of products to showcase your amazing boudoir photos! Albums to glass print boxes! I have samples you can see at my studio!

How do I Book?

To book your session I will have you sign a session agreement form and there is a 50% deposit due. The balance is due 1 week before your session.

I have a MORE questions?

Great, give me a call and we can chat further! These are only a few of the most asked questions! Call me or fill out the form below and I'll answer any questions you have!

Book my Boudoir Session

Let's DO THIS! Fill out the form to contact me about booking your Boudoir Session! We can chat further about your vision and what you want!

Boudoir Session Fee $400

Professional Hair & Makeup $150

50% due to book your session.

Included in each session: 3/4 outfits and 1.5 hours of studio time in my private studio in Lakewood, CO.

Each session is custom per client! You make it what you want! I offer digitals, Albums, Prints, Canvases, and more to make your custom package. I have samples you can see after your session! All images are in a private online gallery for you to view! I offer payment plans for all budgets!

Client Closet Coming SOON! Yay!